IPMS LogoInternational Plastic Modelers' Society / USA

IPMS LogoInternational Plastic Modelers' Society / USA



NordicCon 2017

Glue Crew 2017

AutumnCon 2017 Region 6 Regional Convention

IPMS Prison City Modelers Annual Show

21st Annual Hope It Don't Snow Show

TriCity Thirteen "AUSTRALIA"

Penncon 2017

Granitecon XXV

AMPS 2018 International Convention

Cincinnati Scale Modelers Annual Contest/Swapmeet

IPMS Mid Hudson 2017

IPMS-Gateway Contest and Swap Meet

IPMS Reno, "High Rollers"

23rd Annual "Show Off The Good Stuff" Scale Model Show & Contest

Model Car Challenge

Fleacon 14

IPMS Boise Fall Show

Cleveland Model Show 21

2018 "4M Mayhem"

Modelpalooza 2017

ModelFest 2017

Old Dominion Open

Desert Classic XXI

Sprue Do 2017

TigerCon 2017

RiverCon VII 2018

Valleycon 28

MosquitoCon 27

IPMS Middle Tennessee Model Con

SilverCon 2018

ModelZona 2017


High Plains Con XVIII

OrangeCon 2017

Huntsville Plastic Modelers' 41st Annual Model Show

1st Annual Plastic Model Club Contest and Swap Meet

KCCON 2018

South Carolina Modelers Fall Contest

2017 Trail Con

Surgicon 24

36th Annual Smoky Mtn. Model-Con

35th Annual IPMS Butch O'Hare Open Model Contest

ModelFiesta 37

A Night at the Movies

ModelCon 2018

IPMS/Mid-Carolina Local contest/AMPS Wildcats Local Contest

Capitol Classic 2017

SuperCon 2017

Fall Swap-n-Bull Toy and Model Show

Atlanta Con 2018

2017 New Mexico State Fair (Model Contest)

IPMS Silver Wings USS Hornet Inaugural Model Expo & Open Cockpit Day

Phantom Phurball 2018: 60 Years of Phabulous Phantoms!

IPMS Northern Virginia Modelers Model Classic 2018

Region 5 Contest: MOSS CON 2018

The Silicon Valley Classic V

IPMS Region 12 Regional Convention and Contest

2018 "Spring in the Pines" Model Contest and Swap Meet

Bassett Place Model Show and Display

Bassett Place Veteran's Day Display

Can Am Challenge

OMS Fall Show

Military Modelers Club of Louisville

IPMS/USA National Convention 2018

DownEastCon 2018

DowneastCon 2018

WrightCon 2018


Dick Toth Memorial IPMS Region 4 Convention

Blizzcon 2018

Mad City Modelers 23nd Annual Model Show

History in Miniature - Ellsworth AFB 75th Anniversary

HRSM Model Auction Swap Meet


SuperCon 2018

BuffCon 35

RIMA Model Expo


Rocky Mountain Hobby-Expo

Wrighttreat 2018

SoonerCon 2018



Baton Rouge Scale Modelers Modelfest 31

Veterans Day Display


Best of the West, Prelude to the Phoenix Nationals

Flight 19 Modelfest VII

Anchorage IPMS Model Contest

Granitecon XXVI

Noreastcon 47

Southlandz Model Car Swap Meet & Show

Leavenworth Model show

The 46th Annual Bob Paeth Portland Classic Model Car Contest

28th Annual Pacific NW Model Car Fest

Billetproof NW Model Car Contest

MCMA Showdown 2018

NordicCon 2019

Heartland Model Car Nationals

Tulsa Modelers Open Contest

Great South Tigerfest XXIV Scale Model Contest

Roscoe Turner IPMS Contest & Swap Meet

IPMS/South Central Modelers Annual Show - 2018

ModelFEST 2018

Billetproof - Ocala

IPMS Seattle Spring Show 2018

42nd Annual Model Show

IPMS Region 8 Contest and Swap Meet

HAMS Annual Model Show and Contest

SVASM Summer Free Swap Meet

Wings Wheels & Keels 23rd Annual show

Modelmania North Model Car Contest

Marion County Tax Collector car show

Citrus County Library - Central Ridge

Manatee Car Show

Scalefest 2018

19th Annual Model Contest

Cincinnati Scale Modelers Annual Fall Contest and Swapmeet

Cleveland Model Show 22

Scale Hobby Marketplace

IPMS Mid Hudson Annual Show and Exhibition

Spring Swap-n-Bull Toy and Model Show

Fall Swap-N-Bull Toy and Model Show


NorthShoreCon 2018

NordicCon 2018

IPMS Middle Tennessee Annual Contest and Show - 2018

IPMS Belgium 50th Anniversary National Convention

OrangeCon Model Contest and Vendor Fair


2018 Virginia Shootout

13th Annual Model Contest & Swap Meet

TOL-CON 2018

KCCON 2019

Old Dominion Open Model Show & Contest

Grant Park Display

2018 Modelfest

Pelicon 2019 Region 11 Regional Model Convention and Contest

Mid-Atlantic NNL

Valleycon 29

24th Annual "Show Off The Good Stuff" Scale Model Show & Contest

AtlantaCon 2019

Desert Classic XXII

MosquitoCon 28

12th Semi-Annual Southlandz Model Car Swap Meet & Show

High Plains Con XXIX

29th Annual Pacific Northwest Model Car Fest

MarauderCon 2018

36th Annual Butch O'Hare Open Model Contest

ValourCon 9

Fleacon 15

Fleacon 16

2nd Annual Plastic Model Club Contest and Swap Meet

RIMA Expo 2018

ModelZona 2018

RiverCon VIII 2019

Best of the West - 2019 Regional Convention


GTR 2018 NNL


IPMS/Fresno Scale Modelers Contest and Show

TigerCon 2018

Veterans Day Classic

4th Annual Whitewater Classic


Phantom Phurball 2019

2018 Central Arkansas Sproo-Doo

WrightCon 2019 IPMS Region IV Convention

AutumnCon 2018

GTR Summer NNL 11

Pacific Theater Day

European Theater Day

2019 "4M Mayhem"

Surgicon 25

Modelpalooza 2018

Maraudercon 2018

Model Classic 2019

Mad City Modelers 24th Annual Show & Region 5 Contest

IPMS Borinqueneers Plastic Model Expo

Euro Scale Modelling 2018

ModelFiesta 38

2019 IPMS/USA Nationals

Silicon Valley Classic VI

South Carolina Modelers 20th Annual Contest and Show


Model Display Bassett Place

Model Display Bassett Place

ModelCon 2019

2019 South Carolina Scale Model Mega-Show

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