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About the Event...

MiniCON 2021 is a contest and swap meet, scaled down to accommodate a small venue and to comply with social distancing guidelines for safety. No vendors, and no charge for those who wish to participate in the swap meet. The contest will be conducted as a typical IPMS contest following IPMS rules and judging criteria, but with limited categories. Gundam categories are also included.

Unlike traditional contests in the past, this event is much smaller in scope. Because of the limited space we have available for contest entries, we have reduced the overall number of categories. Foot traffic in the contest area will be limited in keeping with our need to practice social distancing in the exhibit area. We feel that this is the best way to conduct an event of this nature, while keeping everyone's safety in mind.

Registration Details

$15 per entrant, limited to 3 models per person, with only 1 model per category.

In order to provide folks an opportunity to participate in a much smaller venue, we're restricting the number of entries per person to a maximum of 3 models, and you may enter only 1 model in any category. We know that's not ideal, but these are not ideal times. This limitation will help us to work within a smaller space, plus, it helps avoid sweeps in any category.

Please keep in mind that this will be a social distancing event, and face masks will be required to participate

Please note, that due to space limitations, no dioramas!

Despite the smaller venue and categories, MiniCon 2021 will follow judging guidelines and regulations as described in the IPMS/USA competition handbook available online at ipmsusa.org. Categories below have been set up to match IPMS guidelines where possible. The head judge reserves the right to split. A No Sweeps rule is in effect. A unique winner will be selected within each category for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. The contest is open to all scale models except those winning a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place finish at the IPMS Nationals or a 1st place finish at an IPMS Regional contest



1A -Jets, all scales1B -Props, all scales1C -Rotary wing, all scales1D -Out-of-the-Box, all types, all scales


2A -Armored Vehicles, all scales2B -Soft Skin, all scales2C -Artillery, all scales2D -Out-of-the-Box, all types, all scales


3A -Surface vessels-Powered, all scales3B -Surface vessels-Sail, all scales3C -Subsurface, all scales3D -Out-of-the-Box, all types, all scales

Vehicles (Non-military)

4A -Stock (Factory Make) cars/trucks etc, all types, all scales4B -Custom (Non-factory additions, modifications, etc) cars/trucks etc, all types, all scales4C -Racing, all types, all scales4D -Out-of-the-Box, All scales

Real Space/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

5A -Real Space, all types, all scales5B - Scifi ground vehicles (armor, suited, etc)5C - Scifi flying vehicles (space and flight)5D - Out of box, all scales, all genres

Gundam, all types, all scales

6A -- UC, all scales6B -- Non-UC, all scales6C -- Out of box, all scales


7A - Foot or Mounted, all types, all scales7B - out of box, all scales


8A - All types, all scales

Event Information
Event Date: 
May 16, 2021 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm EDT
Hangar 18 Hobbies
Event Address: 
112 Kilmayne Drive, Cary, NC, 27511
Event Host: 
IPMS Eagle Squadron
Hosting IPMS/USA Chapter(s): 
Contact Information
Contest Chairperson's Name: 
Ron Verburg