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Proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws of the International Plastic Modelers Society - USA Branch were submitted by the C&BL Review Committee to the Executive Board for review in mid-April. They were subsequently approved for submission to the Membership for a vote to adopt, by a unanimous vote of the Executive Board during special session on Sunday, April 23, 2023. The Amendments are submitted for a vote concurrent with the ballots for the Executive Board's 2023 elections.

Official balloting will be conducted via email from the http://myipmsusa.org/2023-Elections (Wild Apricot) membership system between July 1 and the 5:00PM EDT, September 1, 2023, voting deadline.

The 2022-2023 Executive Board believes the proposed revisions outlined in the Amendments are clear steps towards ensuring IPMS/USA's continued relevance within the hobby, providing for continued growth of the Society and the inclusion of younger, more diverse members, streamlining of the Society's leadership structure, and clarifying the relationships, purposes, goals and operational functioning of our National Convention, Contest, and other committees. The Executive Board endorses these amendments in their entirety and recommends a vote to adopt by the Membership to provide for continuous improvement of the IPMS/USA Membership experience.

The current (2017 revision) IPMS/USA Constitution and By-Laws, the Proposed C&BL Amendment documents, and nominated Executive Board candidates' information are published for reference here on the IPMS/USA website. The proposed 2023 Amendments and E-Board ballots will also be available in the May/June IPMS/USA Journal. Ballot forms are included in the Journal following the proposed amendments language and candidate profiles. Hard copies of the proposed 2023 Amendments will be made available at the National Convention upon request for review by attending members. Balloting will be on-line or by hard copy mail-in only. Ballots will not be collected at the Convention. As a reminder, a total valid voter response of at least 10 percent of the membership (+/- 450 votes) will be required to approve the amendments.

Members wishing to vote by hard copy ballot may do so by mailing them to Marie Van Schoonhoven, the IPMS/USA Office Manager, at:

PO Box 1411
Riverview, FL 33568-1411

Mailed ballots MUST BE POSTMARKED by September 1, 2023. Results will be announced no later than September 8, 2023.

Thank you for your membership in IPMS/USA and please ENJOY the hobby!

Submitted 6/21/2023
Rob Booth, #37548
IPMS/USA Secretary 2022-2023